Spring has Sprung!

Check out the new three Spring 2023 plant hangers, available in a variety of colours.

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  • Hand-crafted

    Each macramé piece is truly one of a kind. All pieces are carefully handmade with love by fiber artist Amélie.

  • Sustainably sourced

    Materials sourced from suppliers offering recycled cotton, ethically refurbished wood, and clean metals.

  • Locally made

    Based and founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on the traditional unceded, unsurrendered territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin People.

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Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Amélie — Amé for short. macrAmélie was founded in 2020, stemming from a fun hobby I picked up to keep me busy during COVID-19 to relieve the stress from working as a social worker.

Amé's Story


What kind of materials do you use?

All pieces are handmade by yours truly.  I select suppliers throughout North America based on their eco-conscious values to create the highest quality product.

The upcycled cotton cord is made from leftover cotton fabrics from the garment industry. To achieve the colour, the suppliers choose similar color garments to avoid dying the fiber. The fiber is then broken down and spun to create cotton thread.  This planet-friendly process allows for a significant reduction in water usage and CO2 emissions and eliminates waste that would otherwise fill up landfills. 

The hoops/live edge I use are untreated, uncoated/stainless, and completely chemical-free.  

My supplies are not only transparent with their fabrication process and environmental sustainability, but also their social responsibility with workers.

Are your pieces strong enough to hold big/heavy plants and pots?

All the hoops I use, including wood and metal, have been thoroughly tested to ensure safety and sturdiness to hang various plants and pots sizes. Please refer to the details section of available plant hangers to see the recommended maximum pot size for each product.

Should I be worried if I get my hanger wet when watering my plants?

No worries darling! The recycled cotton cord does not “bleed” colour since it is not re-dyed during its fabrication process. Simply allow for the plant hanger to dry on its own, if wet. 

Can I wholesale your products in my shop?

Let's chat! Please reach out to my e-mail at info@macramelie.com for more information, including minimum orders and wholesale pricing.